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Supervisor Message

Our country is proceeding confidently towards carrying out its ambitious 2030 Vision under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques; King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz and HRH the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. In pursuit of this blessed vision, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has paid a great attention to data management as a rich source for investment and a great support to developmental aspects. Therefore, the Royal Decree establishing the National Data Management Office, and data management offices in all government entities was the beginning for the work on founding data management offices in the government institutions, and building their strategies. King Saud University was proactive in leading higher education institutions in the Kingdome by establishing the Data Management Office and building its strategy, which gave it the opportunity to be a reference and guide for Saudi universities, and to achieve the national aspirations in data management, governance, security and investment. The office looks forward to building strong partnerships and cooperation with the university's various entities and units that own databases in order to achieve the university’s strategic goals, and Vision 2030.

Dr.Ibraheem Mutambik
Supervisor - Data Management Office

About Office

King Saud University is taking firm steps towards enhancing its capabilities in all fields, which supports its pursuit of leadership and excellence in the knowledge society, and enhances its continuous contributions to meet development requirements of its strategic directions and Saudi Vision 2030 especially with regards to data management. Thus, based on Royal Decree No. 59766 issued on 11/20/1439 AH, including the establishment of the National Data Management Office linked to the Board of Directors of the National Information Center, in addition to the establishment of data management offices in all government bodies, and based on the letter of His Excellency the Minister of Education dated 7/6/ 1442 AH in this regard, His Excellency the Rector of King Saud University issued an administrative resolution No. 223071/20/2 on 10/7/1442 AH to establish the Data Management Office at the university. Since then the university has been working on founding a data management office that meets all the requirements to carry out its entrusted roles.



Knowledge and developmental excellence in data management.


Build an advanced ecosystem for data management that ensures data governance, assetization, investment, availability, security and compliance; In line with the university strategic directions and the country developmental vision.




  • Build a binding system for data management.


  •   Establish a technical infrastructure specialized in data management.


  • Ensure data safety and security .



  • Maximize added value and benefit of data.
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