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Time Series System for Historical Student and Faculty Data

The integrated time series information system securely stores and consolidates the University's statistical data from its inception in 1377 AH up to the present day. This system ensures seamless, automatic updates with the addition of new annual statistical data, ensuring the continuous availability of such data and facilitating efficient generation of required time series. The proposed system encompasses a web application-designed database that simplifies the presentation and printing of reports on historical statistics for designated time spans, as well as the option to download them in various formats.

Time Series System for King Saud University Research Productivity (My Researches)

This integrated time series information system adeptly gathers, retains, and categorizes data pertaining to the University's research outcomes and scholarly publications since its establishment in 1377 AH up to the present. The system ensures consistent, automated updates by regularly incorporating new annual data, thereby securing the perpetual availability of statistical information and enabling prompt generation of necessary time series. This project's core objective is to supply essential data relevant to research, scientific output, strategic planning, documentation, and data classification. Its primary beneficiaries are the University and its strategic pursuits, aimed at reinforcing King Saud University's leadership status and solidifying its reputation at local, regional, and global levels.

Last updated on : August 6, 2023 12:29pm